Hotpot Pictures : Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s almost three years to the day that Hotpot Pictures was commissioned by culinary legend Delia Smith to produce her first ever series of online films.  So to celebrate AND help out with your roast dinner this Father’s Day weekend, we thought a link to some of the best techniques in the business might be useful.

Delia Online

These are just a few of the 55 films devised and produced by Hotpot Pictures, viewed over one million times and they look as delicious as the rest of our award winning digital content.

As you sizzle fast roast chicken or squish buttery mash this weekend with the help of Delia and the link above, do keep us in mind if you have an upcoming foodie project.

Here’s a link to our reel, for chance you don’t have it already.

Have a great Father’s Day this weekend!