Hotpot kicks off 2014 with Broadcast Development

Hotpot Pictures is starting the New Year with a brand new development team. Development Producer Victoria Gardner and Assistant Producer Poonam Odedra will work on a series of new concepts for the main terrestrial TV channels. Hotpot have been working closely with Channel 4 throughout 2013 on a new project to be revealed in the Spring and consider broadcast TV a key part of the company’s ongoing strategy. Executive Producer Graham Sherrington explains:

“The skills and contacts we have to make great online content all come from television.  It’s a world myself and our talented crews continue to work in, so it makes sense to compliment our busy online production schedule with some TV development for the main terrestrial channels.  We work with great talent on a daily basis and are excited by a couple of new ideas that we hope to be shouting about in the future.  Brainstorming is also a great excuse to eat cake and we love eating cake.”

The small development team will work from Hotpot’s North London office, alongside Content Producer Emma Judge and Production Assistant Guillaume Fabre-Lucre.


For more information contact Emma Judge