The Bread is Baked for Delia’s Latest Series

The Delia Online Cookery School’s fourth term, ‘Bread for Beginners’, airs today on and Waitrose TV. As with previous terms, simple step-by-step lessons are presented and narrated by Delia, who remains unparalleled in her ability to teach the country to cook. The format has an incredibly simple structure, boosted by high production values and Hotpot’s specialty – shots of delicious looking food. When asked about the project, Delia said:

“Once again Hotpot Pictures has done a superb job producing a beautifully crafted series of videos.  The lessons clearly show, as I so wanted them to, how to take the mystery out of bread making and encourage beginners to bake quick and easy bread at home.  I look forward to making our fifth term with the talented team in the summer.”

Hotpot Pictures remains the exclusive content provider for the Delia Online Cookery School with Waitrose, a successful series that continues to demonstrate how well-produced content can captivate, educate and delight an online audience. Since its launch over 350,000 have viewed the series on Delia Online alone and it remains a showcased highlight on the Waitrose TV website – proof if any were needed that the appetite for well produced digital content is growing. Hotpot’s Creative Director Graham Sherrington explains:

“I’ve always believed that there’s a home for good quality film making online, for videos and interactive media that is ‘up there’ and looks just as good as a commercial for our important clients, but with a more affordable and efficient production model.  We use our skills and our talented team of programme makers who are experts at capturing food and remain delighted to continue our work with Delia on this incredibly successful project.”

The first lesson, ‘Wholemeal Breads’, is online now on Waitrose TV and – give it a try; hundreds of thousands have already proved that they are well worth watching.