Online Content for Business



Hotpot Pictures was approached by private Soho Tapas Restaurant Brindisa with a direct brief: to generate online content films that can be shared through social media channels and feature on the website to help promote the business, to depict reality in the restaurant and provide an opportunity for viewers to get a real sense of what a visit to Brindisa might offer - the quality of its food, the service and the atmosphere. There were many areas to cover in a short film running to just over a minute. The story behind the restaurant and the chefs was important, the provenance of the ingredients key and of course the food had to look absolutely delicious.


Our crews were tasked with filming at Brindisa for just a few hours before and throughout the start of a busy lunch service. Operating stealthy to ensure we didn’t upset the operation or disturb customers was a key part of our production strategy. We filmed all of the key kitchen action before service started, as well as interviews with Reuben the manager and Head Chef Josep, before filming for a very short time (around thirty minutes) as the food came out and was enjoyed by the customers. When edited together, the pace and structure give viewers the sense of a real time insight into Brindisa - informing potential customers about the restaurant, how seriously they take the sourcing of their produce and of course making Brindisa’s food look mouthwatering to eat.


Brindisa posted the finished films on their website as part of a blog and included them across their social media platforms. The main film (above) was accompanied by two additional films that were shot in the same half-day, both the result of a carefully constructed script that Hotpot created on behalf of the restaurant. One was a short recipe film informing viewers how to make a recipe using some of the restaurants products and the other a shorter version of the main film tailored for Twitter. All were a success, achieving thousands of unique hits in the first couple of months of going live. Brindisa has since commissioned new video content following the success of this first production, some of which fronts their website